Zack's Bistrot

About us

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Welcome to Zack’s

Zack’s is a delicatessen and café that specialises in hearty foods, fresh pastries and luscious cakes.

The interior features solid oak panelling, earthy tones and a large communal table. This is a versatile eatery where customers and locals can be found computing and conversing.

In the morning find fresh pastries and juices, artisan teas and a rich menu of coffees, followed by salads and delectable meals, wines and beers in the evening. Friendly and attentive staff, a relaxed vibe, and late hours make Zack’s a true home away from home.


Our Food

Our aim is to produce fresh, natural, homemade food for everyday living using local produce and organic ingredients wherever possible.

We strive to inspire and excite the palate of all food lovers. From breakfast to Dinner, fluffy pancake to amazing stews, aromatic coffee to exquisite juices, Zack’s is the perfect home away from home.




Evening at Zack’s

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