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How We Choose Our Bread

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When it comes to choosing the right bread for our cafe, we don’t simply go for anything with “whole
wheat” written on it. We know that there is more to choosing the right bread. We make sure our bread is “100% whole grain,” and we don’t settle for anything less. If it’s 100% whole wheat, the first ingredient listed in the ingredient label will be whole-wheat flour or 100% whole-wheat flour. And we meticulously pay attention to details.

We choose whole grain because it’s naturally low in fat and cholesterol free, contain 10% to 15% protein, and offers loads of healthy fiber, resistant starch, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.
With all those nutrients in one package, it’s no wonder whole grains provide so many health benefits, including protection from heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, and some cancers.
So we think no further when it comes to bread. It’s whole grain all the way.

Except for one occasion of course. We always make sure to have some high quality gluten free bread in the house. We know that some of our lovely costumers are gluten free, either by choice or for medical reasons.

Here at Zack’s we think of everyone’s health and lifestyle choices as much as we possibly can.